Truong Thi May- Miss Universe Vietnam 2013

Birth Name: Truong Thi MayTruong Thi May- Miss Universe Vietnam 2013

Age: 25

Birth Place: An Giang, Vietnam

Occupation: Nutritionist

 Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Measurements: (no entry)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Title(s): Miss Universe Vietnam 2013

Major Competition(s):    Miss Vietnam Photogenic 2006 (1st Runner-up)

                                            Miss Vietnam Ethnic 2007 (1st Runner-up)

                                            Miss Universe Vietnam 2013 (Winner)

                                              Miss Universe 2013

Let’s Get To Know Truong Thi May (Miss Universe Vietnam 2013):

An ethnical Vietnamese is joining the challenge of owning the Diamond Nexus Crown. 25 year old Truong Thi May is a Vietnamese beauty Queen who was appointed by Uni Corp to represent Vietnam in the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 Pageant to be held in Moscow, Russia. May was born in 1988 and grew up with her Kmer-Vietnamese Parents at Mekong Delta Province of An Giang.

Truong Thi May is a beautiful offshoot of Kmer Ethic Group. The place where she came from are believed to be the origin of real Kmer population. Accoding to some research groups, these Kmer people are known to be Vegetarian and pacticing austere Buddhism and many rituals. Truong Thi May who was given a chance to study in urbanized areas started to practice these things at the age of 13.

She stands 5 feet and 9 inches. She was remembered as the former runner-up in Miss Vietnam Photogenic 2006 Pageant and also first runner up of Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2007. She was actually appointed to represent Vietnam in Miss Earth pageant twice but both failed due to some irregularities. In 2009, she didn’t make it to the pageant held in Philippines because of a car accident. In 2011, she also failed to represent Vietnam because of her grandmother’s sickness.

It was the first time for Truong Thi May to represent Vietnam in international pageants and all her family and kinsmen believed that their prayers could help her in achieving what is just right for her. Watch Miss Universe 2013 Live.

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